Monday, June 11, 2007

InuYasha freak once again

omg im bak to inuyasha freak "AGAIN". once i start watching the movie again i get obssess with it o god someone better help me and i was so obsessed with it that i putted like around 60 inuyasha, kagome, sango, and miroku photos in my ipod but mostly inuyasha and kagome together. AWWWWWWW WAT A SWEET COUPLE!!!! i did put a single pic. of kikyo cuz i dont lik her. Man im obsessed help me!!! Im thinking my birthday or christmas y dont everyone give me the inuyasha season 1,2, and 3 dvd box set so i can watch it instead of internet missing some episodes. ESP. uncle patrick gave u a hint wat to get me next christmas or next birthday. Now enjoy some of the inuyasha pictures


little sun said...

我相信到聖誕個陣, 你又會有新既野想要, 到時再話比我知啦!

Michelle Wu said...

Hey do u kno wat episode it is witinuyasha holding onto kagome in the fire? Im making a video of them thankx!! ^_^