Monday, July 16, 2007

Harry Potter: Order of Phoenix

On Saturday we went to see harry potter it was good and kinda scary but nice. I hav seen everyone one of them that has been out. I cant wait to see the other movies. Nothing to say. THE END

Friday, June 22, 2007

1st day of summer

Today is the first day of summer which is sad. I miss my friends and teachers. But sometimes i can call them an we can hang around at bishop or go to the mall or maybe even movies. but sometimes wen there is no school u get really boreed and want school but wen there is school u wish therre is no school. WERID. But on the last day of school it was fun and we took some pictures
these memories will last 4ever

Trip at King's Bowling

We had a 7th grade away day so we went bowling. There were 8 of my friends in a lane and i got 4th place. We took many pictures with teachers and friends. Plus there was unlimited pizza and soda. We also got many goodie bags and glow bracelets that werer realllyy prettty. I hav them on my myspace; Now i will show u some of them.
Me and my friend with my favorite teacher mr. ranft aka Mr. Ranch

This a picture of all friends and classmates

This is all my best friends

Monday, June 11, 2007

InuYasha freak once again

omg im bak to inuyasha freak "AGAIN". once i start watching the movie again i get obssess with it o god someone better help me and i was so obsessed with it that i putted like around 60 inuyasha, kagome, sango, and miroku photos in my ipod but mostly inuyasha and kagome together. AWWWWWWW WAT A SWEET COUPLE!!!! i did put a single pic. of kikyo cuz i dont lik her. Man im obsessed help me!!! Im thinking my birthday or christmas y dont everyone give me the inuyasha season 1,2, and 3 dvd box set so i can watch it instead of internet missing some episodes. ESP. uncle patrick gave u a hint wat to get me next christmas or next birthday. Now enjoy some of the inuyasha pictures

Camera Girl

me and my friend emily aka et went to the apple store even though we both hav ipod nanos. So wen we got there we went to the computer to take pictures. Those picture effects were eww and awesome. But w/e enjoy the pic. they r on the bottom

No School!!! -_-

omg no school 4 me cuz the teachers r striking. Yay!!!! Happy!!!! but later on we hav to make it up and i dont wont too so this part of the striking sux well w/e

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Busy Life

I have a busy life. I had alot of projects to do this week and i got many appointments that i am fully booked. Today i went to my friends house to do project and my other frined cindy ask me to go to the movie theater with her. Then my other friend rachel gtg to the movie theater with her one day. Then gtg get my ears pierced with my friend. Then on monday gtg to the mall for clothes

ps. uncle patrick u did not say happy birthday to ur sister which is my mom shame on u