Sunday, May 13, 2007

too much "excitement" in one day

i want to kill myself right now. After today my life went miserable. I went to the carnvial with my friends and i thought i would nvr live past 13 years old in my 14th year of life. I went on the sea dragon a.k.a. pirate ship and i was so fucken scared. Then i went on the Thunder bolt and it was awesome but fast and i thoughtt i would fall over it. Then i went to the Cliff Hanger a.k.a kite thingy u fly in the air and lay on ur stomachs. I luv that thing it makes u feel like a bird but it went high so i closed my eyes cause i got this thing im afraid of heights. Last my favorite was the tilt-the-whirl. It is the spinning coffee cups and every cup i pick it spins so fast and i luv it. So i went on the merry-go-round, haunted mansion, slide thingy, shippy smaller size, and etc. I went with my friends tammy and emily well with mitchell not really friend but sort of . I laied on his shoulder cause i was scared on the sea dragon. But aka i dont like him.
me- no clue

emily- loves sea dragon and thunder bolt

tammy- loves the sea dragon and the cliff hanger

mitchell- scared of the tilt-the-whirl

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little sun said...

第一張相, 之前咪post過羅!

好呀! 你玩晒呢d遊戲, 返里唔洗我陪你, 我係完全唔玩呢d咁激既野架!